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Facts about Timbale Terrace 

240 Affordable Housing + 99 Supportive Housing to be built on public land, gifted to Lantern Organization

  1. Out of 99 Supportive Housing, 97 will be studio for formerly homeless single adults (see fig 1 or listen to statements made on cb11 after 25 minutes)

  2. Supportive Housing will be funded by NYC's 1515 program. Majority of the individuals are expected to have serious mental health and/or addiction issues, who will receive on-site support provided by Lantern Organization (see fig 2, and listen to statement made on CB11)

  3. For these Supportive Housing, no preference will be given to East Harlem residents and tenants will be assigned by DHS (Department of Homeless Services)

  4. The Ground Floor will be rented to beloved Latin Afro Jazz Alliance, currently located on UES, to serve as headquarter including a performance space and teaching spaces

  5. This project is managed by HPD (Housing Preservation Department). The RFP by HPD was issued in 2019 after the completion of rezoning of East Harlem.

Figure 1. Housing Mix of Timbale Terrace

Onsite Services.png

Figure 2. Onsite Services of Timbale Terrace

Public Hearing at Community Board 11

2022 Jan 19th: HPD present the Timbale Terrace Project. Full video here 

(1) Our neighbors Steve Travis expressed concerns of the Timbale Terrace development

(2) HPD confirmed that funding for 99 units of supportive housing comes from 1515 program

2023 Feb 7th: Full video here.  Relevant excerpt is below:

(1) Public hearing of complaints of overdoses and safety issues inside Prospero Hall by tenants and nearby gardeners

2023 July Pre-ULRRP hearing:  

  1. July 6th Housing Committee: full video (start 11 minutes)

  2. July 12th Human Services Committee: full video (start 23 minutes)  Notable clips:

    1. Chair of CB11 explain there are many ways to fund permanently affordable housing. ​

    2. Long time resident near Prospero Hall and Timbale Terrace expressed safety concern for his daughter

    3. Lantern Org confirmed 97 units of studio apartment is expected to service those with mental health and substance abuse issues.

  3. July 14th LandUse Committee: full video. Notable clips:

    1. HPD said there is little room to change the project

    2. The previous chair of CB11 Nelsa Orama expressed the same quality of life concerns as one neighbor 

    3. Our neighbor Omar eloquently expressed our concerns

  4. July 20th Economic Development Committee (listen to the chair who expressed concerns of oversaturation, ilsten to the small business owners next to the site voice concerns)

Our Advocacy Includes These Letters to government and elected officials for 2 years but HPD has not made any changes:

Below are records of public complaints made:

  1. 2021 Aug: We wrote a letter to the Lantern Organization, Afro Jazz organization and elected officials with repeated follow ups and received no response

  2. 2021 Dec: Patch reported opposition from Secretary of State Robert Rodriguez,

  3. 2021 Nov : we complained to City councilwomen Kristin Jordan,

  4. 2022 Jan 19: we complained at community board 11 presentation at 1hr 50 mins where community members raised numerous objections and many more were not allowed to speak and Lantern refused to admit problems in their building (see excerpts on youtube: #1#2#3)

  5. 2022 June : We filed complaints with Department of Social Services and Mayor's Community Affairs

  6. 2022 Sept:  We invited City Councilwomen Kristin Jordan to walk our neighborhood with us to witness rampant open-air drug use

  7. 2022 Nov: We filed complaints to New York State  Assembly Member Eddie Gibbs and Department of Mental health

  8. 2022 Nov: Lantern Org refused the tenant's request for meeting together with elected officials, CB11 and NYPD

  9. 2022 Dec: We filed compliant to the new Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine

  10. 2023 Jan: We filed complaint to community board 11, and all elected officials, requesting a hearing

  11. 2023 June: We followed up with elected officials about our complaint of the Timbale Terrace

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